Land Information Management

In the Land Information Management aspects, land surveyors are engaged in the collection, integration and dissemination of a wide range of spatial information. With the use of geographic information system technology (GIS), land information management is rapidly penetrating a number of application domains such as environmental conservation, urban planning, pollution control, transport management, emergency rescues and many others. 

Land surveying is the most basic activity to create and maintain building blocks for the setting up of geographic information systems, and land surveyors are in a good position to make valuable contributions to these systems.

Professional land surveyors are trained to measure, process and organize spatial objects in the real world. They have full understanding of the inexactness or uncertainty of measurements. Their experience in land surveying enables them to model real world objects into readily comprehensible yet precise and structured formats in economical way. Possessing knowledge and sensitivity in geometric and mathematical relationships, professional land surveyors with GIS background are crucial to success.

A GIS can answer very sophisticated questions. It has unique ability to assimilate data from widely divergent sources, to analyze trends over time and to spatially evaluate impacts caused by development. The following are some typical types of questions that GIS technology can answer:

Location : What exists at HK Grid coordinate 828930N, 839330E?


Condition : Where are all the wetlands within 500m on both sides of the proposed alignment of the Sheung Shui to Lok Ma Chau Spur Line? 

Trends : What are the land use changes in Hung Hum since the completion of the Hung Hum reclamation in 1999?

Spatial Patterns : Whether there are spatial patterns for juvenile crimes near the secondary schools in Tuen Mun new towns?

Modeling : What is the effect to the retail shops along Russell Street after the implementation of the Pedestrian Schemes for Causeway Bay?

Polygon is used to delineate Site of 
Real Estate Development in the GIS database
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1:1000 Digital Land Boundary Record
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