Date Division Events Organizer
17 Dec, 2019 HKIS, BSD Insights and Experience Sharing from Building Surveying Award 2019: How do Building Surveyors play a Project Manager role for both new and existing building projects? Building Surveying Division and Project Management Committee
16 Dec, 2019 QSD Tiling Systems at External Walls of Buildings: Common Causes of Failure and Methods of Repair Quantity Surveying Division
13 Dec, 2019 YSG Joint Society Christmas Party 2019 Young Surveyors Group
13 Dec, 2019 HKIS HKIS BIM Conference 2019: The Next Frontier for Surveyors – Digitized Development Workflow The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
11 Dec, 2019 QSD QSD CPD (BIM) Series 2020 (1) : BIM Without Model – ISO 19650 Quantity Surveying Division and HKIS BIM Committee
10 Dec, 2019 BSD Prequalification Structured Learning for BS Probationers Building Surveying Division
10 Dec, 2019 HKIS 香港测量师学会上海议会2019年12月 - 激发绿色潜力,发掘价值回报 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
9 Dec, 2019 QSD QSD CPD (BIM) Series 2020 (3) – From BIM to FM – A Revitalisation Project in HK Quantity Surveying Division
5 Dec, 2019 LSD Land Surveyor and Adverse Possession (Part II) Land Surveying Division
4 Dec, 2019 HKIS Corruption Prevention and Professional Ethics for Surveyors The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
3 Dec, 2019 QSD Guide to understanding the financial statements of construction companies Quantity Surveying Division
29 Nov, 2019 HKIS [Cancelled] HKIS Social Event - Wine Dinner The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
26 Nov, 2019 HKIS 北京区域会员活动讲座及晚宴 《激发绿色潜力,发掘价值回报》 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
25 Nov, 2019 YSG Discussion Forum on Lantau Tomorrow Vision for Future Generations – Challenges and Opportunities of Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands, Lung Kwu Tan Reclamation and Tuen Mun West Development Young Surveyors Group
23 Nov, 2019 LSD Technical Exchange and Collaborating Opportunities Between Hong Kong and Pakistan on Remote Sensing and UAV Technology Land Surveying Division
19 Nov, 2019 HKIS [Cancelled]Men’s Talk: Prostate Health, Disease & Treatment 男士健康之談: 認識前列腺 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
16 Nov, 2019 PDD PDD Annual Conference 2019: Planning and Development in the New Territories Planning and Development Division
11 Nov, 2019 BSD Building Surveyors Conference 2019 Building Surveying Division
9 Nov, 2019 YSG YSG Annual Dinner 2019 Young Surveyors Group
9 Nov, 2019 QSD Project Cost Benefit Analysis – New Perspectives Quantity Surveying Division and PolyU SPEED
8 Nov, 2019 PDD SIP-HKIS PDD-URA Forum at Singapore: What’s Next? New Plans in Singapore & Hong Kong Planning and Development Division
5 Nov, 2019 YSG Handling Health and Safety Prosecutions: Trends, Challenges and Solutions Young Surveyors Group
4 Nov, 2019 GPD Briefing and Sharing Session on the APC Part II Assessment 2019 General Practice Division
29 Oct, 2019 HKIS 北京区域会员活动《建设工程委托项目管理及案例分析》讲座及晚宴 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
28 Oct, 2019 QSD QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2019 (2) – Tendering – A Review on the Critical Issues Quantity Surveying Division
26 Oct, 2019 PFMD Technical Visit to a Residential Care Home for the Elderly (RCHE) Property and Facility Management Division
26 Oct, 2019 BSD Visit to Caritas Institute of Higher Education Building Surveying Division
25 Oct, 2019 PDD Office Visit and Career Sharing in the Link REIT Planning and Development Division
25 Oct, 2019 HKIS Architecture Tour at K11 MUSEA and K11 ARTUS The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
24 Oct, 2019 PFMD 實務PFM Surveyor Property and Facility Management Division