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CPD by Others
Code : 2015065
Event Name : Visit to Wooden Products Factory in Shenzhen
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Mr. Ho Chuen Chak
Director, Shing Fung Industrial International Limited.
Mr. Ho has more than 20 years of experience in fabrication of wooden products and setting up wooden products factory.
Event Date : 13/06/2015
Event Time : 9:15 am – 4:00 pm
CPD Hour(s) : 3
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 3
Venue : Shing Fung Industrial International Limited Kukeng Industrial District, GuanLan Town, Shenzhen 518110, GuangDong Province, P.R.China
Division : QSD PFMD
Organizer : QSD
Closing Date : Please refer to "Remarks"
Fee : HK$300 for members (fee includes transportation in Mainland China, lunch and insurance)
Priority : Priority will be given to Corporate PFMD/QSD members (till 18 April 2015) and followed by all PFMD/QSD members (till 25 April 2015); First-come-first-served with payment (with maximum quota of 37)
Language : Cantonese
Details :

Itinerary :

9:00 am –     Gathering at Fu Tian Check Point, Shenzhen (深圳福田口岸)

9:15 am   –     Depart from Fu Tian

10:30 am        –     Briefing at Factory in Shenzhen

10:45 am –     Visit Wooden Products Factory

12:30 pm –     Presentation of wooden products

1:00 pm   –      Lunch (including 1/2 hour for Q & A)

2:30 pm –     Depart from restaurant in Shenzhen

4:00 pm –     Dismiss at Fu Tian Check Point, Shenzhen (深圳福田口岸)


(The scheduled time may be changed so as to suit the actual conditions on the date of the visit.)


(Successful registration will receive details of the visit.)


Shing Fung Industrial International Ltd is specialized in producing office furniture and all other related wooden products (in particular for dormitories) for over 20 years.  Besides, Shing Fung Factory has extended overseas market around the world, e.g. USA and Canada.  It is also equipped with well-developed manufacturing processes and matured quality control system complying with ISO standard in different aspects.


In this visit, members will be guided to view the production line of various wooden products. The speaker will also present the technical knowledge and market information of wooden products.

Remark :



Closing Date: 30 May 2015

  1. Online registration is NOT accepted for this CPD event.
  2. Please fill in the attached Declaration Form together with Standard Reservation Form for this CPD event.
  3. First-come-first-served with duly completed Standard Reservation Form, Declaration Form and payment.
  4. Please equip with your own non-slip shoes.
  5. Please bring valid travel documents.
  6. Latecomers will NOT be picked up.