HKIS membership comprises four grades, namely, Honorary Grade consisting of Honorary Fellows (Hon. FHKIS), Professional Grade consisting of Fellows (FHKIS) and Members (MHKIS), Technical Grade consisting of Associate Members (AMHKIS) and Training Grade consisting of Probationers, and Students. Members and Fellows are referred to as Corporate Members. Members of HKIS are categorized by reference to their professional practice into six divisions, namely, Building Surveying, General Practice, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Planning and Development, and Property and Facility Management. HKIS also has a Young Surveyors Group which comprises members whose ages shall not exceed 40. All Students and Probationers are also attached to the Young Surveyors Group.

Generally speaking, most members of HKIS will be admitted through the completion of the Assessment of Professional Competence Scheme (APC). A prospective member has to obtain a recognized academic qualification, join HKIS as a Probationer and commence the relevant divisional APC. As part of this, a Probationer has to complete suitable training for a minimum period of 24 months depending on divisional requirements, and to satisfy the assessments before being considered for admission to HKIS.

A surveyor holding qualifications from overseas professional surveying institutions can also apply to become a member of HKIS under reciprocity agreements. At present, the HKIS has reciprocal recognition agreements with the Australian Property Institute, New Zealand Property Institute, Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers, China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, China Engineering Cost Association, China Association of Engineering Consultants, the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors, the Building Surveyors Institute of Japan, Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Each Fellow or Member who becomes a member of more than one Division shall be entitled to vote in each Division, but shall be eligible to represent, or hold office in only one Division at any one time. Members of more than one Division would be able to use alternative designations concurrently.

Application Procedure

If you are interested in applying for membership of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, the general application procedures are as follows:

  1. Obtain the appropriate application form in person from the HKIS Secretariat or download the form online.
    Note: Viewing and printing PDF format requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader:
    Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Download application forms
    Student Membership(PDF format)
    Probationer Membership(PDF format)
    Associate Membership(PDF Format)
    Corporate Membership - Member (PDF format)
    Corporate Membership – Member (MMRM between HKIS(GPD) & RICS) (PDF format - Guide to Applicants + Application Form)
    Corporate Membership – Member (MMRM between HKIS(PFMD) & RICS) (PDF format - Guide to Applicants + Application Form)
    Corporate Membership - Fellow (PDF format)
    Registration of Multiple Divisions (PDF format)
  2. Carefully read the notes on the application form to understand the requirements and eligibility for membership.
  3. Submit the fully completed form with the appropriate fees to the HKIS Secretariat in person or by post.
  4. The HKIS Office will contact you for further information if necessary, and will inform you of the result of the application in due course.
Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the Membership Department of the HKIS at (852) 2526 3679 or email us at [email protected]

Download Guidelines
Guidelines for Re-admission
Guidelines for Reinstatement of Membership


Membership Fee

Membership Application Fee(non-refundable) Annual Subscription Fee
Fellow HK$2,840 HK$2,840
Member HK$1,970 HK$1,970
Associate Member HK$1,200 HK$1,200
Probationer HK$790 HK$790
Student HK$0 HK$70

Membership Upgrading Application Fee and Difference in Annual Subscription Fee

Upgrading of Membership Application Fee(non-refundable) Difference in Annual Subscription Fee
Upgrade from Student to Probationer HK$790 HK$720
Upgrade from Probationer to Member HK$1,970 HK$1,180
Upgrade from Member to Fellow HK$2,840 HK$870
Apply for a concession
Non-practising concession
Non-resident concession
“Sr” – The Abbreviation for Surveyor
Sr” is adopted as the abbreviation for surveyor by The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. The pronunciation for “Sr” is “surveyor”. In order to promote its use to the public, corporate members are encouraged to adopt the abbreviation “Sr” in front of their English names in their official communications. (Please note that Sr.” is an incorrect usage.) Likewise, corporate members are also invited to address themselves as “測量師” after their Chinese names.