Date Division Events Organizer
30 Sep, 2021 YSG Dispute resolution in the Greater Bay Area Young Surveyors Group
15 Sep, 2021 BSD Chance favors the prepared mind Building Surveying Division
30 Aug, 2021 QSD Overview of MTRCL Target Cost Form of Contract and its Critical Comparison with NEC4 ECC Form of Contract Quantity Surveying Division
25 Aug, 2021 BSD, YSG How to inspect the drainage system of the old buildings Building Surveying Division and Young Surveyors Group
21 Aug, 2021 YSG Glass Series (1) – Is the Building Exterior Façade Designed for Safety? Young Surveyors Group
28 Jul, 2021 BSD Sustainability in Roofing Building Surveying Division
28 Jul, 2021 YSG Pilot Scheme for Charging Land Premiums at Standard Rates for Lease Modifications for Redevelopment of Industrial Buildings (IBs) Young Surveyors Group
27 Jul, 2021 BSD Application of Innovative Technologies in Facilities Upkeep Building Surveying Division
27 Jul, 2021 GPD Impact of US monetary policy normalization on the global investment markets and Hong Kong Property Market General Practice Division
26 Jul, 2021 QSD Inconspicuous Claims in Construction Contracts Quantity Surveying Division
23 Jul, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Estimating Series 2021 (2) – Sharing of Cost Estimation and Planning with Practical Examples Quantity Surveying Division
20 Jul, 2021 PFMD Digital Transformation of Facilities Management: Technologies Will Make or Break Your Business Property and Facility Management Committee
16 Jul, 2021 BSD How to make a project green through E&M design Building Surveying Division
15 Jul, 2021 LSD Operation and Maintenance of Drainage System in Hong Kong Land Surveying Division
15 Jul, 2021 HKIS 《智慧辦公建築評價標準》講座 香港測量師學會北京議會
14 Jul, 2021 YSG Revisit the Principles of Valuation of Payments under the Standard Form of Building Contract Young Surveyors Group
12 Jul, 2021 QSD Recent development and Design of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong Quantity Surveying Division
10 Jul, 2021 YSG Sharing on the basement waterproofing and sustainable protective coating to steel structure Young Surveyors Group
6 Jul, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Contractor Tender & Cost Control Series 2021 (2) – Subcontracting and Material Procurement Quantity Surveying Division
3 Jul, 2021 YSG Virtual Site Visit of Central Kowloon Route – Kai Tak West Young Surveyors Group
30 Jun, 2021 BSD Adaptive Re-use of Heritage Buildings: Why & How? Building Surveying Division
30 Jun, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2021 (4) – Sub-contracting – A Crucial Part in the Procurement Quantity Surveying Division
29 Jun, 2021 HKIS The HKIS "Maintenance and Appreciation of Historical Buildings" Forum: Current Practices and Challenges in Built Heritage Conservation 香港測量師學會「賞.惜.舊築跡」論壇 : 歷史建築保育的現行做法和挑戰 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
28 Jun, 2021 GPD REITs in the new economy and its valuation General Practice Division
28 Jun, 2021 QSD A Quantity Surveyor’s Survival Kit in the Era of BIM (Version 2.0) Quantity Surveying Division
26 Jun, 2021 GPD GPD APC Structured Learning Programme 2021 - General Practice Surveying Law (Lecture 2) General Practice Division
26 Jun, 2021 YSG Sharing on the Flooring and Sealing and Bonding Young Surveyors Group
21 Jun, 2021 QSD Contractual Issues commonly encountered in Hong Kong SAR Government Civil Engineering Contracts (GCC) Quantity Surveying Division
19 Jun, 2021 QSD QSD Social Event – Botanical Dye Workshop (Furoshiki) Quantity Surveying Division
19 Jun, 2021 YSG YSG Charity Event - Clean Shorelines Campaign in To Tau Wan, Ma On Shan