Acting President's Message (May 2019)

Let me begin by expressing our sincere wish that our President, Sr Dr Tony Leung, makes a speedy and full recovery since he commenced his sick leave in late April. A number of Office Bearers and I were pleased to meet him in May 2019, and upon his request, and with the endorsement from the General Council, I have commenced deputizing him for three months until 10 August 2019.

leased with the concerted effort of the Office Bearers, prompt actions had been taken to ensure the smooth operation of the Institute. These include arranging Sr Edwin Tang, Vice-President, to host the 35th Anniversary Cocktail Reception and the signing of the Reciprocity Agreement on Professional Membership between HKIS and ICES etc. I will continue to join hands with the Office Bearers to steer the boat and ensure close communications with members. Already I am grateful to our cohesive team, which quickly assumed a helpful role and was also willing to shoulder an important part of the workload with full commitment. Fulfilling the role of Acting President will mean filling some very big shoes indeed. I pledge to make every endeavour to serve our members and ensure that the operation of the Institute continue to run smoothly.

Acting President Message - May 2019 (whole message)