How Much Do You Know About Surveying?

Are you living in a well maintained and managed building? What is the price of your property? Do you know what a Quantity Surveyor does? Have you benefited from the use of digital maps? How to become a surveyor? Please explore this Public Corner for details.

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Professional Standards Protect Consumer Interests

Our mission is to provide world standard surveying services and advice to consumers. All members of The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors observe a high standard of professional conduct set down in our Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct. If we find that any member acts in contravention of our Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct, we will take disciplinary action against them. We have the power to suspend or expel the member from the Institute.

Things To Know When You Hire A Surveyor

A responsible surveyor will always act in the best interests of their client. They will demonstrate among others, the following qualities when carrying out their duties:

- Act with fairness, honesty and integrity
- Respect privacy
- Deal openly with clients
- Observe rules of conduct
- Disclose conflicts of interest
- Safeguard clients's assests entrusted to them
- Keep abreast of current professional knowledge

Complaint Against A Member

Although we have very strict Bye-Laws and Rules of Conduct and our members are having a very high standard of professional conduct and competence, we may not be able to ensure that all members abide by our Rules of Conduct. Should you find that any of our members acts unsatisfactorily, you are welcome to report the case to us. If you want to know whether a surveyor is a member of our institute or not, you can identify the designations MHKIS or FHKIS after his or her name. Once we receive your complaint, we will investigate the case immediately, and deal fairly with it using established complaints procedure.

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