HKIS Create Your District Competition 2024 | 構建「你」想九龍城創作比賽2024

17 Jun, 2024

All F.2-F.5 students are welcome to join the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) Create Your District Competition 2024 which aims to encourage students to explore the history, cultural traditions, and city development of the To Kwa Wan area of the Kowloon City district and demonstrate their creativity by designing an ideal community for it. Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the winners.

To better prepare students for the competition, all participants are required to attend the workshop in July 2024 to familiarize themselves with the area, including its location characteristics, economic position, site conditions, and relationship with its surrounding area, and learn how to create a story map.

After the workshop, all participants are required to create and demonstrate their ideal To Kwa Wan, and to project the area from surveyors' point of view.

Application Deadline:  6pm, 28 June 2024
Application Form :