Message from PFMD Chairman (February 2021)

The spirit of the Ox symbolises reliability, strength, fairness, patience, kindness, and honesty. I hope all PFMD members assume and channel these positive attributes this year in their daily work to meet all challenges, but not be opinionated and stubborn, which are the negative attributes of the ox.

In the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, special attention should be paid to the protection of frontline staff, as several positive cases were found in these staff after tests for the virus. In-depth cleaning and preventive standard procedures in environmental hygiene should be followed and supervised closely by management. New and effective sanitisers, tools, and high-technology will be introduced to members from time to time. As can already be seen, some property management companies are using smart robots to clean the common areas intensively and effectively. In addition, touchless lift buttons and auto doorways, automatic sensor water taps and long-lasting nano sanitizers are becoming the new normal as a part of smart facilities management. The PFMD urges members to explore more new technologies for use on all types of infrastructure.

In the past month, the PFMD has the following issue and activities to share.

Message from PFMD Chairman - February 2021 (whole message)