Message from PFMD Chairman (May 2021)

United We Grow Stronger to Fight Covid-19
Recently, I had casual chats with frontline and management staff with some property management companies. To my dismay, many of them had yet to receive a single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Unlike many other professions, the work nature of our jobs and their need to have frequent contact with people from all walks of life meant that their risks of being infected are higher than average despite the protective gears and equipment they use.

In this respect, I urge everyone in the surveying profession to change their attitudes toward the risk Covid-19 posed to them and take the most vigilant measures to address it. Except for those who have underlying conditions, please encourage your colleagues and family members to seek advice from doctors and, if you are not at risk, to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Message from PFMD Chairman - May 2021 (whole message)