Message from YSG Chairman (May 2021)

Join YSG at its First Charity Event in 2021!
(Led by Sr Patrick Leung)

Ever since the establishment of its Social Services Sub-committee in 2020, YSG has been participating in various charity events organised by other organisations. On 19 June 2021, it will conduct its own charity event: the Clean Shorelines Campaign.

Early in the morning, participants will gather in Wu Kai Sha and walk to the beach at To Tau Wan Village. The beach is a hotspot for people to barbecue and watch the sun set over the Shing Mun River during evenings, so it is not surprising to see some inconsiderate visitors discard their plastic bags and bottles there. Participants will spend about an hour collecting refuse from the beach and disposing of it at the nearest collection point.

Message from YSG Chairman - May 2021 (whole message)