Message from PFMD Chairman (May 2023)

CLP Low Carbon Energy Education Centre
Reported by Sr Charles Hung, PFMD Chairman

PFMD Chairman Sr Charles Hung, along with event helpers Mr Henry Ng and Mr Boris Wong, led a site visit to the CLP Low Carbon Energy Education Centre at CityU on 29 April. The Centre has four themed zones, which cover power generation principles, applications, advantages and limitations of different lowcarbon energy sources, and future development potential.

The choice of fuel largely depends on three factors: a reliable and safe supply, reasonable price, and impact on the environment. Hong Kong is moving away from fossil fuels and adopting low-carbon energy sources. As the development of renewable energy becomes more popular, it plays an increasingly important role in reducing carbon emissions. Common types of low-carbon energy are wind, hydro, and solar power. In addition, tidal power, geothermal energy, biomass, and waste converted into energy can be further explored to strike a balance between their strengths and limitations.

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