Message from LSD Chairman (July 2023)

Young Surveyors are Our Future
In July, I attended three youth events related to geospatial data science and land surveying. They were the Young Scholar Award (YSA) Ceremony of Esri China (HK), CSDI Award Ceremony, and HKIS Scholarship 2023 cum Outstanding Dissertation Awards 2022 Presentation Ceremony.

At the first two events, I saw many outstanding and innovative works using GIS technology and open geospatial data by university students studying land surveying and geospatial data science-related subjects, as well as by young land surveying professionals. The project title of the 2023 YSA Champion, Mr Evan Cheung, is “A Walk to Remember – Measuring Objective Walkability with Environmental Considerations in Hong Kong”. Evan used 3D Pedestrian network data from GIS’s CSDI and network analysis capabilities to map the walkability of a place by taking environmental factors into account. He presented his award-winning project to over 20,000 international GIS users at the Esri User Conference 2023 held in San Diego, California in July as a Hong Kong representative. Evan will be invited as a guest speaker at the upcoming LSD Annual Conference 2023. If you want to see him discuss his work live, please join the conference.

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