Message from LSD Chairman (September 2023)

Seminar on Digital Twinning for Smart City Development

I was invited to be one of the speakers and panelists for the event, “Seminar on Digital Twinning for Smart City Development,” held on 29 August. It was well attended in person and online. The world now faces many challenges including
climate change, flooding, overpopulation, housing supply shortages, food insecurity, drought, communicable diseases, etc. In order to tackle these challenges, a new geographic approach utilising digital twin and GIS technology is required to create better understandings, explore alternatives, design solutions, and explain them all to others and take action. 

A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviours. GIS creates digital twins of the natural and built environments and uniquely integrates many digital model types.
Geospatial technology connects different types of data and systems to create a single view that can be accessed throughout a project’s life cycle. GIS enhances data capture and integration, enables better real-time visualisation, provides advanced analysis and automation of future predictions, and allows for information sharing and collaboration. 

Digital twinning with GIS involves abstracting and modelling everything in the real world through a landscape information model (LIM); building information model (BIM); network information model (NIM); and city information model (CIM). The diagram below illustrates the concept...

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