Message from BSD Chairman (November 2023)

This is the final Chairman’s Message of my term. I still remember being elected BSD Chairman on 27 November 2021. In my acceptance speech, I talked about the BSD Council’s mission, which was “Professional, Supportive, Caring, Engaging and Having Fun! ( 厚積. 凝聚. 感受)” and serving BSs. After two years of collective effort by the entire Council, I hope that members are happy with what it has delivered for them, particularly the BSD Channel Series, Building Doctor Logo, etc. Allow me to say goodbye to you by summarising the division’s accomplishments.

In January, the BSD successfully resumed its retreat after Covid measures were relaxed. The event kicked off the division’s planning efforts for the Council year. Eleven months later, I’m delighted to announce that I had the full support of all Council members, Co-opted members, and others in my management of Council matters and the BSD’s organisation of romotional,
educational, and knowledge-sharing events...

Message from BSD Chairman – November 2023 (whole message)