Message from LSD Chairman (November 2023)

This year, the LSD’s AGM and Annual Dinner were held on the same evening, 3 November. 

LSD Annual General Meeting 2023
The LSD’s AGM 2023 was took place at Club ONE The Grand Stage with 20 Corporate Members in attendance. During the meeting,
Past Chairman Sr Paul Tsui summarised the Chairman’s Report, which reviewed the LSD Council’s achievements and tasks during 2022-2023. For the full LSD Chairman’s Report, please await the publication of the HKIS Annual Report 2023, which will come out soon. 

In addition, the Honorary Treasurer presented the LSD’s annual financial report, which showed that the division’s finances have risen steadily. The 2022-2023 LSD Council retired once the 2023-2024 Divisional Council was inaugurated during the AGM. Its Officers and Members are as follows:...

Message from LSD Chairman – November 2023 (whole message)