Message from LSD Chairman (December 2023)

Technical Visit to Guangzhou, 27-29 November 2023
The technical visit to Guangzhou had three tasks:
1) Invitation of FIG Vice President to attend CHINTERGEO 2023
2) Fulfillment of HKIS’s PASS project by attending CHINTERGEO 2023
3) Academic & Professional Exchanges at 廣東省國土資源測繪院

1. Invitation of FIG Vice President Our Land Surveyor, FIG Vice President, and HKIS Past President Sr Prof Winnie Shiu, along with Immediate Past Chairman Sr Paul Tsui were invited to the opening ceremony of Exhibition CHINTERGEO 2023 (測繪地理資訊技術裝備展覽會) in Guangzhou on 27 November...

Message from LSD Chairman – December 2023 (whole message)