Message from BSD Chairman (July 2010)

General Specification for Building Maintenance Works in Residential Buildings In June issue of Surveying Times, I have announced free hard copy of the above publication will be available for collection by filling in a form. I am sorry the form has not been published last month but it is now available for download through the following link: Building Maintenance Works Building Surveying Volunteer Scheme Further to my brief summary last month, a summary of the presentation to the press from our Convenor Mr Vincent Ho is provided below. After the press conference held on 29 June 2010, an appreciation dinner was held with the presence of about 40 out of more than 100 volunteers registered. Office Bearers of the Institute like the President, Senior Vice President, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer also attended to show their support. Certificate of Appreciation was presented by the President to individual volunteer. The appreciation dinner provided a platform for volunteers to share their experience gained during the scheme and exchange their views. Tree Management Forum Professor Patrick Lau arranged a Tree Management Forum on 19 July in his office. Our Council Member, Mr Andrew Kung, who is also our representative in the Institute's Tree Management Working Group, attended the forum. During the forum, representatives from the Tree Management Office under the DEVB briefed attendees on the works done by the Office and provided some easy references on tree maintenance, pruning of trees and how to reduce tree risks. These hints can be downloaded through the following link: http://www.trees.