Message from BSD Chairman (September 2010)

Building Surveyors' Conference 2010 This year's conference will be held on 23 October 2010 (Saturday) at Harbour Grand Kowloon Hotel in Hunghom. Conference pamphlet can be downloaded through the following link: /Newsletter/nwsl1300_0.pdf Do not miss the chance for acquiring knowledge and network. Update on the Course on Expert Determination Echoing the emphasis on the use of alternative dispute resolution in the Civil Justice Reform, the BSD has engaged in talk with a renowned education institute to organize a course on expert determination procedures on handling water seepage disputes and we are now finalizing the course details. The course outline is customized to well-equip our members to deal with water seepage disputes, as expert witnesses or adjudicators, with the pivotal legal knowledge e.g. procedural law, negligence as well as the practical technique and skill on handling the dispute resolution. The course details are as follows: Course on Expert Determination Procedures on Handling Water Seepage Disputes Course duration: Dec 2010 to Mar 2011; 75 hrs (25 sessions); 2 sessions per week Course Fee: $15,000 (to be confirmed) Venue: HK Island - for HKIS members only (priority will be given to member of the BSD) - All lectures will be delivered by practising legal practitioners - An Executive Certificate will be issued by the education institute for those with attendance over 80% and passed the assessment While we are still refining the course outline and arrangement, members are welcome to contact Ms Donna Yu at 2526 3679 to express your interest to enrol. In parallel with the launch of this course, we are mapping out the establishment of the lists of expert witness and adjudicator for water seepage disputes in order to provide the public on access information to these professional services. To this end, those on the lists shall be competent with hands-on experience on water seepage diagnosis and essential knowledge in the role of expert under the dispute resolution framework. We wish to report a more detailed implementation proposal here later. BSD Scholarship for Secondary School Students In order to promote Building Surveying Profession to secondary school students and promote the professional image of Building Surveyors, the BSD has offered 10 scholarships of $5,000 each to selected Form six students in February 2011. We have invited the Hong Kong Association of Heads of Secondary School to assist. A judging panel will be formed to assess the nominations based on academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and community services, understanding and knowledge of Building Surveying profession together with their awareness of common building problems and associated implications. Through the award of scholarship and associated activities, we believe we could identify potential students for Building Surveying courses and nurture them to become professional building surveyors. On the other hand, we can attract the attention of the youths on the roles and contributions of Building Surveying profession in Hong Kong.