Message from LSD Chairman (December2014)

A New Year arrives with new hopes and gives us new courage and belief in a very new start. We Wish you a very Happy New Year.



New LSD Division Council

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to all LSD Council members for their great efforts over the past year. The LSD keeps growing and advancing its scope of services to the community. We will continue to contribute professional advice on: (a) determining land boundaries; (b) spatial data infrastructure; and (c) establishing a cadastral system to encourage the public to participate in the management of Hong Kong’s land resources. Seminars, conferences, and interflow activities with our Mainland counterparts will be arranged in the coming year. Liaisons with Mainland survey and mapping professionals in relation to the issues on mutual recognition will continue. For me to take up the Chairman’s position is a delightful challenge. Harmonising with younger and experienced LSs, each new council member will continue to do with their rhyme to further promote our professional services to the public and society and strengthen our networks with both Mainland and international bodies. Your new elected Council Members are:


Chairman主席         Sr Dr LAM Lik Shan, Lesly 林力山

Vice Chairman副主席       

Sr WONG Yiu Cho, Joseph 黃耀祖

Sr Dr TANG Hong Wai, Conrad 鄧康偉

Honorary Secretary義務秘書      Sr CHAN Chi Hung, Kenny 陳志雄

Honorary Treasurer義務司庫     Sr LIU Bessie 廖佩茜

Council Members理事

Sr CHAN Hon Kwan, Henry 陳漢錕

Sr CHAN Kwan Ho, Eric 陳君浩

Sr CHAN Yue Chun 陳宇俊

Sr CHAN Yuk Ying, Ada 陳玉英

Sr CHAU Ming, Marvin 周明

Sr Dr CHING Siu Tong, Ken 程肇堂

Sr CHONG Pui Wah, John 莊沛華

Sr HON Yat Hei, Tony 韓逸熙

Sr LAI Lik Ki, Ricky 黎烈祺

Sr LAM Lit Yin 林烈賢

Sr MA Ka Chun, Eric 馬家俊

Sr Dr TANG Hong Wai, Conrad 鄧康偉

Sr TANG Wing Lun, Willie 鄧永麟

Sr TO Ka Yi, Lizzy 杜家儀

Sr WONG Kin, Michael 黃健

Sr WONG Pak Wai, Peter 黃伯偉

Sr YU Wai Wing, Alberich 余偉榮


Moreover, the following co-opted members will join us:


Co-opted Members 增選委員

Sr LAM Tsun Cheuk, Felix 林俊爵

Sr LO Hoi Yin, Maris 盧海燕

Sr NG Ying Tik, Paddy 吳螢

Sr WONG Ching Kei, Eddie 王正琪


The new council will keep working hard on: (1) education and membership issues for younger members and (2) exploring more scopes of services. We are obliged to provide even more high quality continuous professional development (CPD) sessions to all surveyors to enable them to update their knowledge and share it with their counterparts, as well as enhance the quality of the LS membership base.


Monthly Happy Hour Gatherings

Starting in January 2015, the LSD council will organise monthly happy hour gatherings after work. Talks by guest speakers, which come with CPD hour credits, will occur during these events. The first session will be held on Friday, 30 January 2015, with Sr CHAN Yue Chun as the guest speaker. He will talk about life in the Development Bureau at Tamar. Please stay tuned for further notice.


LSD Contact Points

If you have any view on the work of the Council, please feel free to send it to the Hon Secretary at [email protected] or to me at [email protected]. We shall keep you in close contact with the Council and seek your views and support for a better LSD.