Message from BSD Chairman (March 2016)

Updates on the Registered Fire Engineer (RFE) Scheme
The Fire Expert Panel Convener, Sr Eddy Cheung, along with Sr Kenny Tse and I, attended a meeting with the Fire Services Department and the Hon Tony Tse Wai Tsuen on 29 February to discuss our comments tabled on 19 January. We reiterated that the qualifi cations of the proposed certifier should be based on competence and the title should be neutral to refl ect the diverse professional backgrounds of certifiers. On the same day, Sr Eddy Cheung represented the BSD at a Bills Committee meeting to express its views on the RFE scheme under the Fire Services (Amendment) Bill. In the meantime, the Fire Expert Panel is preparing supplementary information to substantiate its views to the Bills Committee.

Message from BSD Chairman - March 2016 (whole message)