Code : 2020084
Event Name : Cadastre Renovation: A maturity indicator for land management
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Dr. Orhan Ercan

Dr. Ercan, from Turkey, is the Vice President (2019-2022) of the International Federation of Surveyors and has been working in the private sector specialising in land use planning after retiring from the Turkish General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. In parallel to his practitioner engagements as consultants in geodetic survey, photogrammetric mapping, regional/urban planning, agriculture-based land use planning, software development projects etc in Turkey, Libya and neighbouring countries, he is also a part-time lecturer at the Applied Sciences Faculty. Real Estate Development and Management Department of Ankara University and has been actively participated in related academic and research institutions.

Dr. Ercan worked as executive staff at `Turkish National Spatial Data Infrastructure Project (preparatory works) phase I and II` and Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS). He was the leading research staff worked at Continuously Operating Reference Stations -Turkey project group. He also published more than 30 academic papers related to land management and survey.
Event Date : 2020-06-10
Event Time : 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
CPD Hour(s) : 1.5
Venue : By online media – ZOOM
Division : HKIS
Organizer : The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
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Language : English
Details :

A successful Cadastre is normally a parcel based stored in an up-to-date land information system containing a record of interests in land (e.g. rights, restrictions, and responsibilities). It usually includes a geometric description of land parcels linked to other records describing the nature of the interests, the ownership or control of those interests, and often the value of the parcel and its developments. 

Security of land tenure, access to credit / mortgages, productivity of land, establishment of real property market, equitable collection of land taxes, improved opportunities to implement land policies, sustainable development of land, sustainable cities and rapid rural development; protection of natural resources, maintain gender equality, peace and justice can be implemented with a well established cadastre.  

The most challenging aspect is that cadastral maps (graphical or line maps) were all in a paper format, vary in accuracy and consistency, and are not linked to the national geodetic network. This makes it difficult to fully support E-government applications as cadastre maps produced long time ago, serve as a base mapping for many government applications and services. Furthermore, in many locations, maps are out of date and do not correspond with the ground parcel location and areas, differing sometimes by up to meters.

Generally speaking, government is aware of the outstanding needs and urgency to modernize the cadastre in order to realize the economic and social benefits of up-to-date information for future development.  The success of the transition to a uniform digital environment will require significant efforts to deal with cadastre renovation and updating, building the IT and communications infrastructure. 

In this context, Dr. Ercan will share the Turkish experience on cadastre renovation using land management as a paradigm.

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