Code : 2022148
Event Name : PDD x YSG: Conservation of Sha Lo Tung – A Way Forward
CPD Code : Formal Events
Speaker : Dr. Ken So
Education and Research Manager, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong
BSc (Ecology & Biodiversity), HKU
PhD (Ecology & Biodiversity), HKU

About speaker
Dr. So is one of the few scholars in Hong Kong who has in depth knowledge in freshwater wetland ecology. He is committed to conservation work and research activities on in rural areas of Hong Kong. He also has invaluable experiences in assisting various Nature Conservation Projects, including but not limited to Sha Lo Tung, Shui Hau, Lai Chi Wo Management Agreement Projects.
Event Date : 2022-10-22
Event Time : 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Registration Closing Date : 2022-10-19
CPD Hour(s) : 2.5
Divisional PQSL Hour(s) : 2.5
Venue : Sha Lo Tung, Tai Po
Division : PDD YSG
Organizer : Planning and Development Division & Young Surveyors Group
Fee : HKD 150
Priority : Priority is given to PDD and YSG Members on first-come-first-served (with max quota of 30)
Language : Cantonese
Details :


8:30 a.m. – Gather at Exit A3 of Tai Po Market MTR Station

8:45 a.m. – Depart from Tai Po Market MTR Station

10:00 a.m. – Guided Tour by Dr. Ken So

12:30 p.m. – End

(The scheduled time may change to suit the actual conditions on the visit date.)

(Successful registration will receive details of the visit.)

(Sha Lo Tung is located in Tai Po District, in the Northeastern of New Territories, where it could be reached from Tai Po Market MTR Station followed by 20P minibus to Fung Yuen Station.)

Sha Lo Tung

Sha Lo Tung, a basin between Cloudy Hill and Wong Leng, is site to some of Hong Kong's largest and most unique freshwater wetlands. It is 56 hectares in size and is located more than 100 meters above sea level. All year long, streams with regular flows supply water to the valley. Hills surround the lush lands on all sides, creating an ecologically diverse basin. A "Site of Special Scientific Interest" was established for the region's three rivers and its riparian region. The government included Sha Lo Tung as one of the 12 "priority sites" in the New Nature Conservation Policy, ranking it second in ecological importance only to the Ramsar site at Mai Po Inner Deep Bay, recognising its distinctiveness.

Moreover, most people recognize Sha Lo Tung for the variety of dragonflies there. More than 80 species of dragonflies have been discovered in Hong Kong since the Spangled Shadow-emerald (Macromidia ellenae) was found there in the early 1990s and the subsequent first record of Heliogomphus retroflexus, accounting for more than 60% of all species there. Sha Lo Tung is Hong Kong's ecological treasure trove since it is home to numerous rare species of freshwater fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, butterflies, and birds.

Remarks :

1. Online registration is accepted for this CPD event. First-come-first-served with duly completed Standard Reservation Form and Declaration Form.

2. Successful registrants will receive an email confirmation.

3. All participants will be asked to wear masks during the visit, maintain social distance and comply with the latest regulations regarding prohibition on group gathering.

4. All participants are required take a Rapid Antigen Test with negative result on the day of the visit.

5. All participating members shall arrange their own transport to the venue.

6. While HKIS will arrange for insurance policy (COVID-19 and/or pandemics are excluded) for the participants, members may consider taking out their own insurance policy to cover their own risks.

7. Latecomers will NOT be picked up and will NOT be allowed to join the visit.

8. All participants are suggested to wear outdoor/leisure attire and footwear, and bring a bottle of water and pack snacks.

Payment : HKD 150
Face-to-Face/Zoom : Face-to-Face