Four Major Scopes of Expertise

Site Acquisition Stage
The building surveyor acts as a project manager in advising on the development potential with respect to technical and legal implications as follows:

  • any restrictions imposed by the Buildings Ordinance, the lease conditions and the Town Planning Ordinance, and also on any construction difficulties likely to be encountered;
  • financial and economic considerations affected by the construction aspects; and
  • joint venture terms and following through the drawing up and execution of the agreement.

Development Stage (or Construction Stage)
The building surveyor acts as a project manager (or project consultant) to monitor the construction process, so that the buildings are constructed on time and within budget with the desired quality being achieved. The major services are as follows: 

  • preparation of feasibility studies and client brief;
  • preparation of budgets and master programme;
  • appointment of professional project design team, such as architects, engineers, and quantity surveyors;
  • management of building design and selection of materials;
  • coordination of government approvals;
  • procurement, tendering, award of contracts and sub-contracts, contract administration, and coordinating the approval of shop drawings, samples, variations and claims;
  • construction monitoring, such as time, cost and quality;
  • communication and reporting; 
  • undertake financial control, such as cash flow, progress payments and final account.

Pre-Completion Stage

  • advise on capital costs and running costs (cost-in-use) and on replacement costs for fire insurance purposes;
  • advise on maintenance strategy and prepare all maintenance manuals, as-built drawings and specialists handbooks;
  • on behalf of employer, coordinates and approves alterations to the building and building services proposed by tenants and occupiers.

After Completion
Building surveyors play a major role in the management and maintenance of buildings after their completion. The major services are as follows:

  • advise on construction and legal constraints prior to letting and arranging for the fitting out works for the employer, leading to the issue of licences, such as restaurants, hotels, child care centres, kindergarten and old aged home;
  • advise on planning and implementation of maintenance programmes both day-to-day and long term;
  • diagnose building defects and advise on remedial works and costs;
  • provide expert knowledge on design and materials performance;
  • alterations, additions and improvements to existing buildings; 
  • condition surveys of existing buildings and preparation of dilapidated schedule;
  • inspect older buildings in respect of building and fire safety under the Buildings Ordinance and Fire Safety (Commercial Premises) Ordinance respectively;
  • conditions surveys of existing buildings prior to major construction activities, and advise on effects and remedial actions including litigation and compensation;
  • act as an expert witness in court and arbitrator in building and contract disputes;
  • advise on maintenance strategy, improvement and renovation works, and administer the Deed of Mutual Covenant and Building Management Ordinance.