Town Planning


Planning & Development Surveyors are involved in the formulation of planning, lands, housing, environmental and other development strategies and policies; participate in the preparation of statutory town plans under the Town Planning Ordinance and the non-statutory departmental and layout plans. Major development briefs are also prepared to guide development. Through the statutory and non-statutory plans, they regulate and control the type of land use and property development permitted having regard to the relevant planning policies, the environmental context and specific site characteristics.


Planning & Development Surveyors advise clients on the extent to which the use and value of their land and property would be affected by town planning and environmental policies. The most common professional services include preparation, coordination and/or submission of planning applications, master layout plans, rezoning requests and planning objections; acting on behalf of clients in making written representations and attending hearing in planning review, appeal cases according to the Town Planning Board and Appeal Board proceedings respectively.


Planning & Development Surveyors also assist client in site planning and advise on urban design matters together with the relevant design experts. They also specialize in coordinating large-scale planning studies usually supported by various technical impact assessments e.g. Environmental/Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA), Drainage Impact Assessment (DIA), Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA), Geological Impact Assessment (GIA), Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA), Social Impact Assessment (SIA) etc.