Date Division Events Organizer
27 Mar, 2021 HKIS HKIS PASS Conference: Evolving Professional Surveying Services in Smart City The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
27 Mar, 2021 QSD QSD Social Event - Aroma stone making workshop Quantity Surveying Division
26 Mar, 2021 PDD Rethinking the City: Social Sustainability and Urban Commons Planning & Development Division
25 Mar, 2021 GPD Demystify Hong Kong Data Center Market General Practice Division
23 Mar, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Estimating Series 2021 (1) – Pre-Contract Estimates and Cost Plans Quantity Surveying Division
22 Mar, 2021 BSD Technical Seminar on Practical Design of Sewage, Greywater Treatment and Recycling for Properties Development Building Surveying Division
20 Mar, 2021 YSG Short Course (1) - Experience Sharing on the Application of Building (Planning) Regulations Young Surveyors Group
19 Mar, 2021 HKIS InnoCell MiC Project Sharing – Consultant’s Perspective and Practice Working Group on Project Management
19 Mar, 2021 PFMD 風水學與私人屋苑及商場風水命理講座 Property and Facility Management Committee
18 Mar, 2021 LSD Experience Sharing on Hand Shield Tunnelling Survey Land Surveying Division
15 Mar, 2021 QSD Special Features of Heritage Buildings and their Impact on Cost Control Quantity Surveying Division
12 Mar, 2021 HKIS 解讀《中華人民共和國民法典》等法律法規最新進展及對建設工程領域的影響和意義 香港測量師學會上海議會
11 Mar, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Measurement Series 2021 (2) – Principles of Building Measurement Part 2 Quantity Surveying Division
10 Mar, 2021 GPD Land Administration in the 19th Century – Is it just History? General Practice Division
9 Mar, 2021 BSD An Architectural Series: Building Agility for Urban Practice Building Surveying Division
8 Mar, 2021 QSD How the Dispute Resolution Adviser (DRA) system works and some experience sharing Quantity Surveying Division
26 Feb, 2021 GPD Property rights, built military heritage conservation & sustainability General Practice Division
26 Feb, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2021 (4) – Delay and Disruption Claims from the Contractor’s and the Employer’s Perspectives Quantity Surveying Division
26 Feb, 2021 HKIS Building Surveyor Awards 2021
25 Feb, 2021 PDD New challenges and opportunities posed by the pandemic to our community Planning & Development Division
24 Feb, 2021 BSD Mobile Solution for Quality Building Surveying Division
20 Feb, 2021 YSG YSG Social Event – 建造業線上開心跑 2021
20 Feb, 2021 YSG Licensing Advisory Services from the safety viewpoints by the Building Authority Young Surveyors Group
19 Feb, 2021 PFMD ISO 41001: 2018 and FM Outsourcing Management Property and Facility Management Committee
10 Feb, 2021 LSD Hydrographic Survey for Coastal Seawalls by Multibeam Echo Sounding System Land Surveying Division
8 Feb, 2021 QSD Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macao Bridge – Design and Build Contract of Viaduct for Hong Kong Link Road HKICM, HKIE(BUD) and HKIS QSD
4 Feb, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2021 (1) – Key points that you should not miss in tendering Quantity Surveying Division
3 Feb, 2021 PFMD How forensic accountants can help surveyors in litigation and dispute resolution Property and Facility Management Committee
2 Feb, 2021 QSD QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2021 (2) – Post Contract Services of Consultant QS Firms Part 2 Quantity Surveying Division
29 Jan, 2021 PDD An Overview of Town Planning in Hong Kong Planning & Development Division