Land in most countries is in short supply, yet always in demand. Its use, therefore, needs careful planning. Property is bought and sold for residential, retail, office and industrial use. It is developed as an investment, and if it is professionally managed, its value will be enhanced. 

Through professional training, General Practice Surveyors can offer skilled and effective advice in connection with the development, use and management of vital resources. Our services include planning, development, use, management and valuation of lands and buildings; negotiation of sale and letting by private treaty and sale by tender or auction; and financial and economic aspects of investment in property. 

Apart from our work in the private practice, we are also employed by the Government in various departments, such as Lands Department, Rating and Valuation Department and Housing Department. Our works including government land disposal, resumption, rating, taxation, public housing and home ownership scheme. 

The objective of General Practice Surveyors is to deliver value added services and expert advice of the highest quality to our valued clients.

Our areas of specialization are as followings:
Development Consultancy
Sale and Letting
Property and Management