Through the statutory plans prepared under Town Planning Ordinance and other administrative non-statutory plans, the Government is able to regulate the use and type of property development having regard to the planning policies, environment and site-specific characters. General Practice Surveyors working in the private sector will advise the clients, such as land owners, developers and institutional companies, to what extent the use and value of their land and property would be affected by town planning. The services cover: 

-    Advice on matters relating to planning and environmental policies;
-    Co-ordination of planning studies and technical impact assessments;
-    Preparation, co-ordination and/or submission of planning applications, master layout plans, rezoning requests and planning objections;
-    Preparation, co-ordination, submission and processing of written representations for planning reviews and appeals;
-    Participation in Town Planning Board or Appeal Board proceedings, including hearings in relation to planning reviews and appeals; and
-    Advice on urban design and site planning.