Corporate Real Estate

Space and premises are the inseparable parts of the business operation of a corporation. The strategic and effective management of business space and premises will impact on competitiveness and productivity of the corporation. Property and Facility Management Surveyors are employed with major space users or international real estate consultants to take up responsibility in the global and local strategic space planning, research and business relocation planning. They will assist in the acquisition of space and premises, valuation and agreement on terms.

Space standards and guides are formulated by major corporations for worldwide application in space planning. Surveyors can advise on the best practice in Interior design and fit-out planning, procurement, churn management in different operating environments.

With the increasing competitive environment that modern corporations that operate in, it is essential that space and premises continue to support business operations in the most effective and efficient way. It is often good and necessary practice to carry out space audit and establishment of space inventory and asset register for review and analysis in the process of development planning. Employees spent a large of portion of the day life time in occupied space and premises, it is important that the environment that they work and live in are safe and hygienic. Post occupancy evaluation of user needs will have to be conducted to constantly improving the same for the better enjoyment of the people.