Project Management

Project management for property facilities is the application of managerial knowledge and professional expertise to complete project activities relating to the built environment and to meet or exceed the satisfaction of all stakeholders as a whole. The major incumbents include but not limited to offering professional advice on the feasibility study, desktop design, program, procurement options, constructability, quality control and the final deliverables throughout the project life cycle from the initiating, planning, executing, controlling until the final closing-off. 

In managing a typical building project, there are critical processes that demand for the manipulation of project management skills and techniques to the finalization of the project scope, the completion of design drawings and specifications, preparation of tendering document and selection of contractors, submission for approval and consent from the government departments and utilities companies, observance of safety and environment requirements in the execution of site activities, quality assurance and supervision, cost control, program monitoring, settlement of dispute, examination of deliverables, monitoring the defect making-good/ outstanding works and the recommendation on the closing-off and handover.

The services of project management will complete with the examination of all closing-off documents and advise on the maintenance program and cost-in-use. The carrying out of post-occupation review and appraisal on the project performance will also be included.