Date Division Events Organizer
25 Oct, 2019 PDD Office Visit and Career Sharing in the Link REIT Planning and Development Division
24 Oct, 2019 PFMD 實務PFM Surveyor Property and Facility Management Division
22 Oct, 2019 LSD Land Surveyor and Adverse Possession Land Surveying Division
21 Oct, 2019 QSD Arresting urban decay: key to success Quantity Surveying Division
19 Oct, 2019 QSD HKIS(QSD), ICES(Macau) & MABCD Macau Series(3): Smart Cities and Smart Projects: The Role of the QS HKIS (QSD)、ICES (Macau) & MABCD
18 Oct, 2019 LSD LSD Annual Dinner 2019 (FULL) Land Surveying Division
17 Oct, 2019 PFMD Mediation in Building Management Disputes (Section 2) Property and Facility Management Division
16 Oct, 2019 HKIS Integrity and Quality Building Maintenance The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
15 Oct, 2019 QSD Unleashing HK’s true potential in the Digital Era Quantity Surveying Division
14 Oct, 2019 QSD Empirical observation of tender bidding and claims behavior by contractors in China Quantity Surveying Division
5 Oct, 2019 YSG YSG Study Tour 2019: Seoul, Korea Young Surveyors Group
2 Oct, 2019 BSD Dry Mortar Specialist Building Surveying Division
30 Sep, 2019 QSD Challenges in The Procurement and Costing of Modular Integrated Construction in Hong Kong Quantity Surveying Division
27 Sep, 2019 BSD Updates and experience sharing on AP(S) practice issues Building Surveying Division
27 Sep, 2019 PFMD Technical Visit and Guided Tour in the Mills (45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan) Property and Facility Management Division
26 Sep, 2019 LSD 第九屆海峽兩岸測繪發展研討會 Land Surveying Division
26 Sep, 2019 HKIS NAMI Expert Workshop at Hong Kong Science Park The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
24 Sep, 2019 HKIS Liver Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
23 Sep, 2019 QSD QSD PQSL Contract Administration Series 2019 (11) – Salient Issues in Sub-contracting: Hints from Main Contractor Quantity Surveying Division
23 Sep, 2019 HKIS 香港测量师学会上海议会2019年9月 大湾区的发展介绍和未来投资机会 The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
22 Sep, 2019 QSD QSD Social Event - Ocean Park Halloween Fest (HKISQSD 35th Anniversary Events) Quantity Surveying Division
21 Sep, 2019 YSG Appeal Series (2) – Appeal against Building Authority’s Order (i.e. Section 24, Section 27A and Priority Demolition order and etc.) Young Surveyors Group
21 Sep, 2019 HKIS HKIS Annual Conference 2019
21 Sep, 2019 PDD PDD Shanghai Technical Visit (上海考察團) Planning and Development Division
20 Sep, 2019 QSD Procurement Practices Quantity Surveying Division
18 Sep, 2019 BSD HKCSS Community Housing Movement (Debriefing & Sharing) Building Surveying Division
17 Sep, 2019 GPD How to realize the redevelopment potential of strata-title properties in Hong Kong from a developer’s perspective – the Opportunity and the Risk General Practice Division
12 Sep, 2019 PFMD The Price Effect of Green Building Certifications on Hong Kong’s Residential Properties Property and Facility Management Division
10 Sep, 2019 BSD Fire Engineering Design on “Tai Kwun” Building Surveying Division
9 Sep, 2019 GPD GPD APC Revision Class for Part I Assessment and Professional Task for Part II Assessment General Practice Division