Broadly speaking, land surveying is a combined art of position fixing, mapping, land management and information technology. Land surveyors involve themselves in all sorts of civil engineering works and land developments such as building houses, roads, bridges, canals, viaducts, defining property boundaries, preparing plans from various surveys and managing properties.

Closely related to the development of civilisation of mankind throughout the world, the profession has contributed to the transformation of sparsely populated and undeveloped areas into modern industrial and commercial metropolises. Like other professions, advancement of technology has led to specialisation and land surveying is of no exception. In Hong Kong, land surveying involves the following activities:

Geodetic Surveying
Photogrammetric Surveying & Remote Sensing
Engineering Surveying
Hydorgraphic Surveying
Cadastral Surveying
Land Information Management
Topo Surveying and Digital Mapping
Cartography Surveying
Utility Surveying