Cartography Surveying

Maps are the best tools to represent details on the surface of the earth. To produce a lucid and informative map, professional knowledge and judgment in the selection of data, visualization and presentation of information are critical. 

Cartography is one of the specializations in the field of land surveying involving the abstraction, manipulation, analysis and presentation of the phenomena and relationships that occur in the real world. Land surveyors specialised in the subject must familiarize with the nature and accuracy of data for map production, and have the graphic design sense to present map data on various media such as paper, internet, mobile phone or even Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). In a wider scope, the application of cartography facilitates decision making, public administration, planning and monitoring of infrastructure through the interpretation of the media.

Nowadays, the land surveyors specialized in the subject plays a more important role of designing a comprehensive mapping database. With the advent of new computer technologies, mapping database facilitates paper map publication in various scales, themes and formats on various platforms and applications. 

Figure shows a generalized boundary of a lake

Figure shows a 3D terrain model of Hong Kong 
generated by Computer
(Courtesy : SMO, HKSAR Government)