Topo Surveying and Digital Mapping

Mapping is a national service for security and development. Maps have been in use for thousands of years. Besides being a principal means of position locator, accurate maps are necessary for effective management of our environment.

With the use of emerging technology in the topographical surveying and map revision, the complete series of 1:1000 scale maps covering the whole territory of Hong Kong have been available in digital form. Digital topographical information is the basic building block to support the sustainable development, natural resources management, environmental protection, urban planning and utilities management. 

Additionally, digital mapping forms the basic foundation for other information systems such as community services information systems, electronic street guide systems, natural disaster management systems, transport management systems and many others. It is foreseeable that many disciplines will benefit from digital mapping. As the advancement of technology has resulted in lower system costs and continual improvements in digital mapping, a much wider application of digital map data throughout government, business and industry can be achieved.

Sample 1:5000 Digital Map
(Copyright : SMO, HKSAR Government)

Sample 1:20000 Digital Map
(Copyright : SMO, HKSAR Government)