Date Division Events Organizer
3 Oct, 2020 YSG Supplementary to the “Experience Sharing on the Application of Building (Planning) Regulations” Young Surveyors Group
30 Sep, 2020 BSD Seminar on HKFSD regulation, submissions Building Surveying Division
30 Sep, 2020 GPD The Impacts and Challenges of Transitional Social Housing: Experience Sharing of Community Housing Movement and Modular Social Housing 過渡性社會房屋的社會影響及挑戰:「社會房屋共享計劃」及「組合社會房屋計劃」的經驗分享 General Practice Division
29 Sep, 2020 YSG Surveyor in Society Young Surveyors Group
28 Sep, 2020 HKIS, QSD From no management to management to project management - How can Surveyors equip themselves to be a competent project manager? Quantity Surveying Division and Project Management Committee
26 Sep, 2020 PFMD How to identify properties which might have undergone interior alteration and quality inspection Property and Facility Management Division
26 Sep, 2020 PDD 廣東省國土空間規劃協會 與 香港測量師學會規劃及發展組 聯席會議: 「粤港澳大灣區可持續規劃及發展」 Conference on Sustainable Planning and Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area jointly organised by Guangdong Territorial Spatial Planning Association and PDD of HKIS Planning & Development Division
25 Sep, 2020 HKIS 《房地産的綠色未來-綠色建築與可持續發展面面觀》講座 香港測量師學會北京議會, 香港測量師學會綠色建築工作小組(支持機構)
24 Sep, 2020 PDD The Expansion and Renovation of Hong Kong Museum of Art Planning & Development Division
24 Sep, 2020 BSD BSD PQSL Series 2020 - Preventive maintenance approach on the control of existing building by MBIS/MWIS
23 Sep, 2020 BSD BSD channel 特約: BS x BS 講場 Building Surveying Division
22 Sep, 2020 BSD BSD PQSL Series 2020 - Design and planning of E&M systems for conversion projects
17 Sep, 2020 LSD 3D Virtual City Reconstruction and Boundary Re-establishment Land Surveying Division
12 Sep, 2020 YSG Basic Principles of Means of Escape in Case of Fire Young Surveyors Group
10 Sep, 2020 BSD BSD Assessors’ and Counsellors’ Briefing 2020 Building Surveying Division
10 Sep, 2020 QSD QSD PQSL Procurement Series 2020 (6) – Report on Tenders Quantity Surveying Division
7 Sep, 2020 BSD BSD PQSL Series 2020 - Building diagnosis – An essential skill of building surveyors
5 Sep, 2020 LSD Sharing of the Latest Market Requirements: Practicing Qualification, Procedure, Applications, Market Opportunities in Belt and Road Countries: China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Kazakhstan Land Surveying Division
3 Sep, 2020 GPD GPD APC Briefing for Part I Written Assessment and Professional Task General Practice Division
3 Sep, 2020 PDD 粵港澳大灣區產業空間價值研究 Planning and Development Division
2 Sep, 2020 PDD PQSL Short Course: Planning Practice, Law and Ethics in Hong Kong The Department of Urban Planning and Design (DUPAD) of University of Hong Kong (HKU) in collaboration with the HKIS Planning and Development Division
1 Sep, 2020 HKIS Sharing on the “Project Cost Data Decode Hackathon” The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
28 Aug, 2020 HKIS, QSD Transitional Housing with Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (Quantity Surveying Division) and Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
28 Aug, 2020 HKIS Best Development and Conservation Award 2021
28 Aug, 2020 PDD 2020第四季投資展望及經濟分析 Planning & Development Division
28 Aug, 2020 HKIS Workshop for Technology Sharing to Local Practitioners on the Remote Sensing Technology Land Surveying Division
26 Aug, 2020 GPD From Brownfields to Modern Logistics: Development of HK’s Logistics Industry and Its Land Demand General Practice Division
26 Aug, 2020 PDD When Retail Development meets Craftsmanship Conservation Planning and Development Division
25 Aug, 2020 PFMD Briefing Session for “Licensing Regime for Property Management Companies and Practitioners" 「物業管理公司及物業管理人的發牌制度」簡介會 Property and Facility Management Division
24 Aug, 2020 BSD Fire Protection of Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) Building Surveying Division